Available Payment Methods

Pay via PayPal or Credit Card here

Payoneer: asimlodhi@gmail.com

Skrill Defapayment@gmail.com

How can we trust you?

Online scams became routine in Pakistan E-COMMERCE industry and you are right its hard to trust anybody these days especially that ask for advance payment. So we have two options to build trust.

1- Buy small package (try 300 or 500 Rs package). If you think we are worthy and we are what we say we are then you can buy/invest larger amount.

2- We are registered company with Government of Pakistan. Open the following site

www.secp.gov.pk –  and search for Adam John and you will get our company details and locations. I don’t think anyone can offer you that type of security and guarantee.

Incorporation date: 10/17/2016 | Incorporation number (CUIN): 0102855