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Terms and Conditions

How can we trust you?

Online scams became routine in Pakistan E-COMMERCE industry and you are right its hard to trust anybody these days especially that ask for advance payment. So we have two options to build trust.

1- Buy small package (try 300 or 500 Rs package). If you think we are worthy and we are what we say we are then you can buy/invest larger amount.

2- We are registered company with Government of Pakistan. Open the following site –  and search for Adam John and you will get our company details and locations. I don’t think anyone can offer you that type of security and guarantee

Incorporation date: 10/17/2016 | Incorporation number (CUIN): 0102855

What Is the Processing Time?

Usually all orders get done within 0 to 24 hours. But if we are facing an update then timing will increase until our server gets fully updated. In worst case scenario it may take couple of days

Why Followers/Likes/Views Get Dropped?

For various Reasons. If FB,IG, YT update their security you might face drop. Mainly it depends which service you bought. Therefore we offer guarantee of few services upto 30 days. In case if they drop we will re-add again

What is meant by 30 days Guarantee

We only provide 30 days guarantee of those services which are 100% Real and comes from organic advertisement. But sometime people start unfollow the profile and we may face drop or it maybe respective server detect newly added followers/likes/views and trying to shed them. In that case we will re-add them.

Lets assume when you purchase 1000 followers you have 0 followers on your profile. Now you have 30 days guarantee. At the end of the month you notice 100 followers drop and requested us to re-add. We will. But you can only request one time to re-add. Its your choice to request on 1st week or in last week.

Can I Get A Refund?

We Only refund if we are unable to complete the work. If we completed it and they got drop and you have 30 days guarantee then we will re-add the followers/likes/views without any extra cost

We don’t offer refund if 

  • You change the username
  • Make your profile Private
  • Added Country Restrictions
  • Abusing in any way to our customer support

How it works and what are the requirements

You will have to contact our official whatsapp 03457224770 to tell which services you are looking for.

We only need Username or URL to start your work. We don’t need login information or even password to carry out our work.