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Quick Questions

What kind of services do you provide?

We offer range of services such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and various others social media services

Will all those Followers / Likes be Real?

In short, NO. We have multiple services in each field. For example, we are offering 3 kinds of Instagram followers. Only two types are real. Therefore we have explained each package carefully.

Can I Get A Refund?

Our services are self explanatory and therefore we don't offer refund. If you buy Lifetime package you will be protected.

How much money i need to buy from you?

We offer multiple pricing to accommodate our all clients. Therefore, you will find package in 300 Rs to 50000 Rs

I need website, how you can help?

Just tell us what kind of website you need and we will send you quote.

Innovative Approach

Do you provide Facebook Likes?

Yes . You can not only Buy Facebook Likes but we also offer Facebook post likes, comments, emoticons likes, video views and live views in very affordable price. You can even target certain countries to get likes.

Can I Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes you can. Currently we are offering three different types of Instagram Followers. You can even target only female or male followers for your profile. Besides Instagram Followers, You can Buy Instagram Likes, Comments and live views

I need YouTube Views !

No Problem. Head to pricing section and select any package to Buy YouTube views. You should also try YouTube subscribers, Likes, Comments and even comments likes

TikTok is very Popular in Pakistan

We received lots of request from our clients regarding TikTok followers and likes so we have added these services too. You can Buy TikTok followers or Likes depending on your needs with us

Twitter Followers are hard to Buy?

Yes. Before you buy twitter followers we would recommend you to contact us. Availability of twitter followers are limited.

Brief History of Social Media Marketing & Complete Website Solution Pakistan

There is no denying that SEO and Social Media Marketing industry is flourishing at very rapid pace. SEO and Social Media Marketing industry has grown to be an excellent choice for those who wants to earn steady income. You may be wondering how can you take up SEO professionally? Well, the answer is very simple. We have opened a plethora of options for those who are keen on taking up a career in this industry

We are not some ordinary marketing company where you come and just buy Instagram followers and that’s it. Users of our site mostly believe in one time purchase but we don’t. We don’t believe in instant relationship. We are social and expect you to be social person. We put aside our business and take minimum profit if your business is new or just starting up. This is how we do business. We believe in natural growth of your profile and channel that get you success.

We provide over 70+ social media services including Facebook Page Likes Pakistan plus 5 other countries, Twitter Followers Pakistan and USA, YouTube views Pakistan plus 140 targeted countries, Instagram Followers Pakistan and TikTok Fans hearts and Likes. Please check our pricing page for more detailed answers and packages.

Social Media Marketing & Complete Website Solution Pakistan is rated # 1 by Pakistan Media in 2019. Besides developing your website, we do SEO that can help you rank better in SEO in short time.